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Relationship Renewal



Except in extreme situations of abuse, abandonment, serial infidelity, addiction and the like, many who have divorced will say they wished they stayed with their first partner.

Most of the time Relationship Renewal is better than divorce, especially if young children are involved. Sometimes, as I said 20+ years ago, it is just too late. Often times it is NOT!

Too often people take better care of their lawns. Few would go a long time without mowing or other protective measures. Many ignore the preventive maintenance equivalent for their most important relationship

We believe that love is a garden that needs the emotional, behavioral and communication equivalent of sunshine, watering, fertilizer and weeding. Sometimes, over years of time, weeds grow where beautiful flowers once bloomed. Perhaps it is time to change that. Now may just be the time to learn how to be a better and more caring gardener — to learn or relearn loves language once again — and bring back the flowers you once enjoyed. What are you willing to do?

Can you envision recommitting to a healthier, happier and more harmonious relationship. Perhaps it is time for you and your partner to check things out

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We offer:

• Premarital counseling
• Complimentary relationship assessment analysis
• Preventive maintenance – individual and couple counseling by licensed relationship specialists
• A helpful plan based upon your specific needs
• Groups for men, women and couples
• Workshops on communication, infidelity, emotional gardening, etc
• Weekend relationship enrichment experiences
• Relationship support for family members, business partners, friends, etc
• Suggested readings, videos and other resources

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There are many signs and signals that a partnership is coming apart. While some are very individualized to the relationship itself, others are generic. The following is a partial list of those you might want to consider in assessing your relationship. Obviously the absence of these reflect a healthy, enduring and endearing connection:

• Much quiet  time with little meaningful conversation beyond that which is necessary. Little to no sharing.
• Not doing things together and either going your own separate ways or coexisting more as roommates than partners
• Many bicker some interactions over relatively minor issues.
• Occasional angry, raging outbursts in which many hurtful things are shouted back and forth in a denigrating and demeaning manor.
• Not talking about future hopes, plans, dreams, goals, etcetera and just living day to day without having pleasures to look forward to.
• Not spending much time laughing, joking and just enjoying life.
• Having the feeling – silent or spoken – that “if it weren’t for the kids/money/parents/church … I’d be out of here.”
• A loss or lack of affection, little to no warm hugs, serious kissing, holding hands, etcetera.
• A lessening of passion and intimacy as reflected in both the intensity and frequency of love making.
• Involvement by one or both partners in an out of the marriage beyond friendship relationship, be it sexual or not.
• An involvement by one or both partners in telephone sex, internet sex, strip clubs, pornography, etcetera.
• The realization that the only meaningful connections are those surrounding the children or other family members.
• An inclusion of the children in situations not necessarily appropriate or helpful to the partnership (i.e. having the child in the same room or same bed, having the children always present when going out to eat, sharing frustration about the partner or partnership with the children, communicating through the children, etcetera).

Though I can’t tell you how many checked items make for a dying relationship, you will know where your partnership falls on a scale of healthy, somewhat healthy, not too healthy or dying right before your eyes. Open your eyes if need be and do CPR (Counseling for Partnership and Relationship)