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Know that 1973 was a time of mental health ignorance, Freud was still very popular. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy was not yet born. The term panic disorder had not yet made it into the professional jargon, let alone our day to day communications. SSRI medications were 15+ years away from being introduced. It was the dark ages. I WAS IN MAJOR TROUBLE! Every day was one long panic and anxiety explosion. I functioned, but only barely and because I had no choice.

I was diagnosed by my psychoanalyst as having Neurasthenia. This term dated back to Freudian times and hasn’t been used in over 20 years. I spent 5 years in a 3 times a week analysis on the couch. Believe me when I say it was less than comfortable. I suffered the indignities of my illness commingled with the inhumane philosophies of Freud’s approach. As an example, I was interrupted mid sentence when “my time was up”.

All I learned about to help people and how not to come from those difficult times. Yet, the process worked and I have been symptom free (despite some pretty stressful times) for almost 30 years. Somehow or other my “shrink” and I helped me to grow. Clearly, it was the long way around. I suffered greatly for many years before relief came.

Today, we know much, much more. We can move forward more quickly and it has become an active interaction instead of an “uh uh,hmm,oh” or silent nonresponse. For many, meds can hasten the resolution of these problems as can support groups, readings, etc. From then to now our collective consciousness has been raised and support tools abound. One need no longer suffer privately, without understanding or hope.

When it comes to anxiety and other emotional problems we have literally gone from helpless to hopeful. The likelihood is that we can help you or help you find someone who can. There is no reason you need suffer with panic or phobia problems. It is a curable condition. If I could overcome it in an age of ignorance, you certainly can in our age of information and support.

Call me or someone like me who knows the path out of the anxiety/panic maze. I’ve been there and escaped and so can you!

Bill Penzer,Ph.D


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