Dr.Penzer and staff offers their life coaching assistance in their offices, your home, or via phone or skype all over the country. 954-647-8191

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We Believe That:

  • People can heal themselves when provided with the appropriate environment, helpful feedback and sincere, credible support.
  • We are teachers, tutors, mentors and coaches helping people overcome historical hurts so they can achieve their goals in the present and future.
  • Our work is an active interaction between two adults partnering to modify hurtful habits of mind and body.
  • Each person is unique and we need to tailor our approach to meet each person’s needs.
  • We all struggle as people with the holes in our self and our work is designed to help fill those holes with health.
  • Marrying talk therapy with relaxation experiences efficiently and effectively to facilitate healing.
  • People who commit to therapy – counseling – coaching programs reap multiple benefits that last a lifetime.

Addiction Assessment, Support and Aftercare

EMDR is a simple and straightforward tool to enhance the therapy process. Encouraging rapid eye movements back and forth or other bilateral stimulation ( BLS) can reprocess trauma that is stuck in our brains.

Anxiety – Panic – Phobia Help

When it comes to anxiety and other emotional problems we have literally gone from helpless to hopeful. The likelihood is that we can help you or help you find someone who can. There is no reason you need suffer with panic or phobia problems. It is a curable condition. If I could overcome it in an age of ignorance, you certainly can in our age of information and support.

Assessment & Evaluations

Psychoeducational Evaluations • Gifted/IQ Evaluations • Emotional Evaluations • ADHD/Behavioral Evaluations • Legal Evaluations and Treatment

Cancer Support

We offer tailored individual and family support for people dealing with cancer and their loved ones. It is based upon Dr. Penzer’s philosophy of realistic optimism.

Relationship Renewal

We believe that love is a garden that needs the emotional, behavioral and communication equivalent of sunshine, watering, fertilizer and weeding. Sometimes, over years of time, weeds now grow where beautiful flowers once bloomed. Perhaps it is time to change that. Now may just be the time to learn how to be a better and more caring gardener — to learn or relearn loves language once again — and bring back the flowers you once enjoyed. What are you willing to do?

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