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Nov 11

Marriage and Divorce Pt. 1

In recent years the “you made your bed, now you must lie in it” credo has been modified so that it is neither difficult nor stigmatizing 10 change the sheets and begin anew. OUT society has flip-flopped in its philosophy regarding the sanctity of marriage. Once a hallowed institution locked permanently from the inside, it has become for many a revolving door through which […]

Nov 11

Marriage and Divorce Pt. 2

Sometimes it’s just too late for that and there is really nothing left to work on. ” So I concluded a pro marriage article, “A Realistic View of Marriage and Divorce. ” Despite all of the sound arguments for us to work on and preserve our marital relationships, there are some situations where it is not possible or reasonable to do so. There […]

Nov 11

Marriage and Divorce Pt. 3

Children of divorce carry a special burden. Somehow they must navigate through the choppy waters that are destroying their family unit, while balancing on a raft loaded with dual loyalties. It is a no-win position under the best of conditions; it is a subtle form of child abuse under the worst. No matter what, such abuse cannot be allowed to occur.

Nov 11

Marraige and Divorce Pt. 4

Previous articles in this series have focused on the divorce decision as well as the transitional problems facing those choosing 10 disengage from a com·milled relationship. All is not negative. however, and there does come a time when the details of divorce become history. Ultimately. all the aggravations pass and the pains, while always there on some level, diminish in size, scope and sensitivity. […]