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Nov 11

The Slow Evolving Process of Personal Growth

People who participate in a therapy, counseling or life coaching experience, are very special. They deserve to feel proud. They are choosing to invest their time, energy and money for self-improvement and personal growth. Setting goals, overcoming challenges and experiencing growth are important aspects of a healthy life. Resistance to such activities are rampant in […]

Nov 11

The Power of Positive Shrinking

Each one of us is a therapist. We are continually engaged in trying to modify other people’s behavior in various ways. While our training, insight, intuition and styles vary, we promote change as a natural part of our every day lives.

Nov 11

The Power of Positive Compulsion

Compulsives take heart There is hope for you yet Yon need not resign yourself to spending the rest of your life creating “to doH lists” and rirually performing a variety o f above and beyond the call tasks. Y ou are DOt sruck in pleasin,~ behaviors that accommodate eeryone else but yourself. You are not […]

Nov 11

Taking Better Care of You | Part 1

I want to tell you a story about my search for ways of taking better care of me. I am hopeful that it will help you evaluate if you would like to take better care of you as well. In the past six months I have attended a workshop about inner tranquility, begun training in […]