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Nov 11

Obstacles to Completing Adulthood: Why Seemingly Simple Ideals Can Be So Hard To Achieve

As you may have noticed I haven’t talked much lately about my encounters with a less than working world. Please don’t assume that my world is working well. It’s just that it becomes so repetitive as to be boring. Here’s a recent run-down of the past month: • I called an upholsterer in response to […]

Nov 11

Toward Becoming A More Complete Adult

Introduction By any measure adulthood is a challenging, demanding and difficult position compared to being a child. As children and teens we are provided for and taken care of in many different ways. We are fed, bathed and clothed; taught, guided and led; constrained, boundered and hopefully civilized. While we may resent the domination and […]

Nov 11

From Dragon Fire to Moonbeams: Using the Powers of Your Mind to Help the Problems of Your Body

MIND OVER MAITERS It has long been known and demon· strated that our attitudes, feelings and expectations greatly influence our behavior. If we are positive, happy, and optimistic, what we do corresponds to that in meaningful ways. Our actions are more purposeful, motivated and energized. We are more likely to succeed and accomplish our objectives. The […]

Nov 11

Toward A Healthier and Balanced Lifestyle: Taking Charge of Your Bod

Ultimately it’s Your Choice! There is no denying that you have a choice when it comes to your health. choose to undo unhealthy habits or to continue with them. Completing adulthood requires the former. It is important you do that proactively to prevent illness, but as importantly, reactively if you’ve already experienced medical problems. While […]