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Nov 4

About the Tendency of People Engaged in an Effective Counseling or Psychotherapy to Disappear

It is well known that there is a relatively high drop out rate from therapy and counseling. The following is my effort at drop-out prevention. As importantly, it is my effort to ensure that whenever you might chose to discontinue your therapy word it is done in a face to face communication. Concluding any relationship […]

Nov 4

Self-Confidence Strengthening Program

ONCE UPON A TIME … we were all born helpless. We were, by all measures, inadequate, inferior and woefully dependent. At first we neither knew nor cared. We had simple needs to be met. We had no concep t of our SELF. As we grew we became more complex. The same simple needs continued, while […]

Nov 3

The Slow Evolving Process of Personal Growth

The Slow Evolving Process of Personal Growth William Penzer, Ph.D. & Associates People who participate in a therapy, counseling or life coaching experience, are very special. They deserve to feel proud. They are choosing to invest their time, energy and money for self-improvement and personal growth. Setting goals, overcoming challenges and experiencing growth are important […]