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Nov 11

A Hole in Your Self | Part 1 – Embracing a View of You in the Moment of the Now

All people are prone and vulnerable to pain and suffering. Despite us all waving a hedonistic banner proclaiming that we seek pleasure and avoid pain, an inordinate number endure a fair amount of difficulty. Fun, pleasure and happiness do not appear to be free flowing in today’s world. Believe me when I say, I wish […]

Nov 11

A Hole in Your Self | Part 2 – False Learning, Remediation and the Value of a Healing Therapy

Repetition “How do we learn?” I recently asked myself. “By repetition”, I quickly answered myself. Information that gets repeated becomes hard-wired into our brain and mind. That is how we learn to talk, read, spell or do arithmetic. As Sesame Street grads, we learn to count by the numerical sequence being repeated over and over, […]

Nov 11

A Hole in Your Self | Part 3 – Filling Your SELF With Health

There are probably many reasons why we gravitate to glop to fill the empty spaces within us. Glop is easy to do and easy to get. It is also symbolic of early salves for our pain. Most glop comes via our mouth (i.e., food, alcohol, drug, sex, cigarettes), similar to our earliest soothing experiences of […]

Nov 11

A Hole in Your Self | Part 4 – Why Relationships Fail & How They Can Be Made More Whole

With marriages crashing, engagements abruptly cancelled and couples living together struggling, one can’t help but wonder what is wrong. Unfulfilling, conflict-laden, acrimonious relationships seem more the norm than the exception. Lackluster, distanced and numbing interactions seem to have replaced exciting, close and passionate connections from earlier years. These disconnects and their multiple corollaries have become […]