Dr.Penzer and staff offers their life coaching assistance in their offices, your home, or via phone or skype all over the country. 954-647-8191

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About our Practice

We pledge to provide the highest quality of support and assistance at the highest level of ethical behavior in the most affordable way. Our work is based on trust which demands that we be reliable, consistent and trustworthy. We respect privacy and confidentiality above all other issues. Every person we meet is treated with courtesy, respect and understanding. Our goal is solely to help you achieve your goal(s) in as timely a way as possible. We are on call 24/7 via our cell phones.

Our Mission Statement:


  • Help people resolve emotional problems and their physical manifestations.
  • Provide helpful, high quality, efficient support and assistance in an ethical and caring manner.
  • Integrate the healing power of words with the healing power of relaxation tools and activities to help people cope with today’s stressful times.
  • Offer practical, positive, solution focused experiences to accelerate the therapy process.
  • Are available to you through voice mail, cell phone and email for support throughout your therapy experience.
  • Offer our assistance in our offices, over the phone and in your home.
  • Offer this assistance on a wide fee scale that provides a range of opportunities to fit into your budget.

Our Services:

Humanistic Center