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For more than 40 years we have been dedicated to helping children, teens, adults, couples and families. Our goal is to help resolve conflicts, reduce or eliminate anxieties, encourage healthy habits, help people meet and overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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We have created a climate and culture of CARING. At a time when you’re lucky to be able to speak to “The Doctor” in most offices; at our offices he or she is always in and available.

We are reachable 7 days a week by our cell phones or email. We sincerely care about your well being and do everything we can to be helpful, supportive and accessible. Every aspect of our office and our assistance is designed to contribute to your comfort. We help you understand why you are uncomfortable in your everyday life and how you can get to a better place.


Dr. Penzer Receives Award

Dr. Penzer Receives YATC Award